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How Professionals Remove Soot And Smoke Damage

Thermal image of fire and smoke damage in a kitchen
Thermal Imaging To Find Water Damage On A Fire Damage Mitigation Project

Cigarette Smoke Odor Removal Services 

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How Does Cigarette Smoke Odor Removal Work? 

Our remediation and restoration process is through to make sure we get rid of the smoke residue and odor properly. It features a mix of cleaning and air purification protocols. 

Demolition and Contents Removal 

Some porous building materials like carpets, curtains, and furniture like couches will be hard to restore from the smoke residue, so they would be better off just getting removed and replaced unless of high value and feasible monetarily speaking. 

Before And After Image Of A Fire Damaged Kitchen
Before And After Photo Of A Fire Damage Restoration Project


Clean all surfaces with deodorizing or degreasing agents to help eliminate the very tiny particles of tobacco smoke and nicotine residue. Clean Carpets. 

Ozone and Hydroxyl Generator Treatment 

Remove odors that are not accessible (such as inside walls or cavities) using hydroxyl generators or ozone generators. With Hydroxyls the property can still be occupied, Not with ozone treatment though. 

Thermal Fogging or Odor Counteractant Application 

This will also penetrate to impossible to reach areas to remove the cigarette smoke, using a masking agent and pairing agent to lock onto, destroy, and replace the odor with a neutral or satisfying citrus smell fragrance.

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Best Fire Damage Restoration Contractors In Kentucky

Purify the Air 

Set up HEPAs air filtration devices (AFDs) with carbon filters to further decontaminateremove the smoke odor, and to remove particulates from the air. 


Apply a sealant product to seal smoke residues and lock in the very last of the stains and cigarette smoke odors. 

Clean, Deodorize, and Disinfect 

Rebuild and Restoration 

Rebuild the affected area to its original condition. 

Common Causes of Smoke Odor and Residue 

• Tobacco/Cigarette Smoke • Grease fires • Excess burning of scented candles • Glade Plug-ins in Some cases • Coal or Wood burning stove • Kerosene Heaters 

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