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Work done on-site in cement or masonry; it supports a structure’s load and transfers it to the ground, thus providing stability.

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foundation repair diagram
Diagram of how a foundation is built


Plank of wood protruding from the base of a wall; it covers the joint between the floor and the wall.


Finishing molding attached to the baseboard where it meets the floor; its cross-section is a quarter circle.

wood flooring 

A room’s decorative floor covering made of wooden squares or strips of wood.

floor joist 

Level member resting on a ledger and a sill plate and intended to support the floor.

end joist 

Member perpendicular and attached to the floor joists at their ends to form the exterior framework.

sill plate

Member anchored to the top of the foundation wall; the floor joists and the end joists rest on it.


Spread-footing section supporting the foundation wall; it is usually made of cement.

drain tile 

Perforated pipe draining water from the soil; it also protects the foundation from frost and pressure caused by wet soil.


Bed of small stones absorbing smaller particles found in water to prevent them from blocking the drain; it also keeps the drain in place.


Part of the wall located below ground level and wider than the wall itself, which it supports; it is usually made of cement.


Level member to which the bottom ends of the studs are attached.

House with mold damaged drywall
Foundation that has been water damaged from flooding

Can a slab leak cause foundation problems?

Many houses are built on top of concrete slabs, which can be damaged due to water leaks, that’s where our foundation repair experts come in.

Water plays an indispensable role in our lives. Whether we need to take a bath, wash our dishes, or do the laundry, we need water. However, this transparent liquid can also be destructive if in the wrong place. Old homes with a deteriorating water system could face issues with their concrete slab foundation.

Best Water Damage Restoration Company

Did you know your water bill could be inflated because of damage to your plumbing system? Many people fail to realize the impact of water leaks on their bill until the loss becomes severe.

Homeowners should adopt vigilance when it comes to their property. The prevention of water damage and proper maintenance of the plumbing system is essential.

What is a Slab Leak?

Concrete slabs are a fundamental part of a home’s structure, and substantial damage to it can debilitate the foundation. Think about it yourself. How can the weight of a house lie on a damaged slab?

You certainly would not want the severity of slab damage to rise. Can you imagine being in your house when it starts to sink or slide in the ground? Not only would such a situation be alarming, but it would also result in high costs. Homeowners will certainly not want to face such acute problems with their foundation.

A slab leak happens when the concrete slab has cracked in places due to water damage. The blame can be placed on faulty plumbing below the slab. When this issue manifests itself, the water pressure may become unsatisfactory, and the flooring may turn soggy. Moreover, keep an eye out for damp carpets and gaping walls, which are also strong indications.

It may be worth noting that faulty plumbing does not always precede a slab leak. Sometimes substandard initial construction may be the real reason behind foundation damage. Apart from that, improper landscape drainage may also add fuel to the fire.Keep in mind that slab leaks tend to grow worse over time. Therefore, ignoring them is a horrible strategy.

Many aging houses may have outdated systems that prove to be problematic. To confirm the actual status of your plumbing system, you may want to get professional help. There are many slab leak repair options to repair a sewer line under your slab or if there is water leaking from drain pipes.

Common Signs of Water Leakage

Did you know that 11% of US homes waste about 90 gallons or more because of water leaks? Since water is scarce, preserving it is both financially and morally imperative.

Have you ever noticed damp flooring at your home? Excessive water leaks can result in a soggy floor and a foul odor. Other telltale signs include visible mold growth, vertical and horizontal cracks in walls, and peeling wallpaper. Exposure to mold is unsettling as it may impact the health of the household negatively.

A house with water leaks is not a pleasant place to be. Not only can it lead to adverse health outcomes, but it can also be a source of stress. Weak water pressure during showers can be extremely disappointing.

Whatever you do, don’t be passive if you sense any signs of water damage in your home. You may even want to look out for the sound of running water. Check all plumbing fixtures to ensure that they are not causing this sound. Once all faucets and showers are turned off, you can check the meter. If the meter still indicates some water flow, there may be hidden leaks lurking in the plumbing system.

Homeowners may prevent this situation from occurring by ensuring timely maintenance in their homes.

Dealing with Damage to Slab Foundations

Damage to the foundation can occur due to slab leaks. However, other culprits could be worth the blame too. One example includes tree root infestation, which can cause cracks in the foundation and the plumbing pipes.

Slab leak detection may cost you anywhere between $130and $450, while water damaged foundation repair costs could even be as high as thousands of dollars. About 1 in 45 filed insurance claims for water damage between 2014 and 2018. Moreover, the average insurance claim was around $10,000. If you’re facing a slab leak, you may want to contact your insurance provider to get specialized guidance related to your case.

Your homeowner insurance may help you cover some of the costs that you will incur. You may have to choose between different plumbing procedures, some being more invasive than others. Traditional methods include complex drywall surgeries. On the other hand, you may find modern methods like trenchless plumbing more attractive.

Regardless of the choice you make, you need to get a professional involved.

Hire the Right Professional

Plumbing professionals encompass vast knowledge about pipes and slab leaks. Moreover, they have the best equipment, which includes electronic amplification equipment and video inspection cameras. Their guidance can make life simpler for hesitant homeowners. However, there is no room for mistakes, as hiring the wrong person may result in more trouble than what you initially had.

Before you decide to settle for any plumbing company, make sure you check out their reviews. Once a slab leak is detected, they will provide you with a repair estimate or highlight other options for you.

Before you embark on the journey to get your slab leak repaired, ask the professional questions related to the project. Ask for the project’s expected duration and the explanation of the process. You may need to make arrangements to facilitate the repair process. Setting the right expectations from the beginning will help you manage things properly in the long-run.

While plumbers can repair the damage to the plumbing system that leads to water damage, they cannot dry and restore affected building materials and furnishings in your home that were damaged by the water. You will need to call a water damage restoration professional such as Express Damage Restoration Of KY as well that can effectively dry water damaged materials including wood, drywall, and concrete, and restore the resulting damage.

The Final Verdict

Many houses are built on top of concrete slabs, which can be damaged due to water leaks.  If homeowners are too careless about the plumbing system, they may end up facing a sinking or sliding foundation.

Assessing the situation and taking prompt action when signs of a water leak appear is essential. You may want to consider trenchless plumbing methods that are less invasive and more effective. Whatever you do, make sure you hire the best person for the job. A slab leak can cause severe foundation issues. However, keep in mind that ignorance is a more significant threat. Timely action can reduce the financial cost and mitigate the damage to the foundation.

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