What Is A DOP Test

A DOP test, which stands for “Dispersed Oil Particle” test, is a method used in water damage restoration to assess the effectiveness of cleaning and decontamination efforts.

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In a DOP test, a device called a photometer is used to measure the concentration of airborne particles in a given area before and after the restoration process. The particles used in the test are tiny oil droplets, which are dispersed into the air and then measured by the photometer.

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The goal of the DOP test is to determine the level of cleanliness achieved after the restoration process. The test measures the number and size of particles in the air, which can indicate the presence of contaminants such as mold, bacteria, or other harmful substances.

The results of the DOP test can help to ensure that the restoration process has effectively removed any contaminants and that the air quality in the affected area is safe. This test is often required in situations where the water damage has caused significant contamination, such as in sewage backups or flooding from contaminated water sources.

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