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Lexington, Kentucky – water damage can occur from burst pipes, leaking roofs, heavy rains and flooding, toilet overflow. Homes near the Kentucky River, like those in Winchester, Kentucky, Irvine, Kentucky or located on lakefronts, like in the Mill Creek Lake are of Wolfe County Kentucky, are more likely to flood. If you do have flooding, many water damage repair companies in Kentucky will do emergency water removal at any hour to reverse the damage and prevent the growth of mold.

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Leaving water damage untreated or not properly restoring it can damage hardwood flooring, carpets, laminate and furniture and can create mold damage, which may cause illness. Most companies that do water damage restoration in Lexington, Kentucky also offer mold removal and fire and smoke damage restoration.

Fire damage restoration in Kentucky

Fire damage can ruin a residential home or office, and the effects can be lasting without proper damage repair. Fire damage restoration and fire damage mitigation includes corrosion mitigation, hard surface cleaning, structural stabilization and select demolition.

Water damage companies in Kentucky will also work to eliminate odors caused by smoke damage, soot tags, including those from wet smoke, dry smoke, protein smoke and fuel oil smoke. Once the structure is stable, treatment can begin, such as:

  • Extraction of water used to put out the fire, by the fire department
  • Removal of soot,soot tags, ash, and debris
  • Odor removal, air purification, deodorization
  • Fire damage and smoke damage repair

Learning how to prevent fires in your Kentucky home will protect your family and belongings and potentially save you thousands of dollars.

How much does water damage restoration in Lexington, Kentucky cost?

On average, water damage restoration in Lexington, Kentucky costs around $3,500, but it ranges between $500 and $7500 depending on factors and variable’s such as:

  • The source of the water. A burst pipe will be cheaper to repair than a water heater.
  • The amount of water and the size of the area dictate’s the class of water damage event. The volume of water is typically related to the extent of the damage. A basement flood will cost more than a leak from a dishwasher or bath tub.
  • The kind of water and how long it has been sitting are the factors in the categorization of the water damage event. Clean water is low risk, but black or grey water can contain dangerous contaminants that make it more expensive to clean up.
  • If mold removal or remediation is needed. If the water has been sitting for a while, there will be mold growth, bacteria, microbial growth, and microbes, which raises your bill.
  • If any reconstruction or water damage repair is needed. Having to replace hardwood or carpet flooring, baseboards or drywall dramatically increases costs.

Standard insurance policies will cover water damage or fire damage from plumbing issues, house fires, a leaking roof, appliance overflow and mold from listed perils. However, insurance companies won’t cover water damage caused by neglect, and homeowners insurance usually won’t cover damage from floods o we the ground.

When hiring water and fire damage restoration in Lexington, Kentucky look for bonded companies with insurance who openly tell you about their average repair times and the extent of their experience. Most reputable companies work with the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification and some will hold certificates from the E.P.A or O.S.H.A.

Express Damage Restoration, a leader in property and structural emergency services, helps residential families and commercial businesses overcome the devastating setbacks caused by water damage, fire damage, mold damage, and other conditions or sudden events resulting in property damage. Our company is family owned and operated, we have multiple offices across Kentucky, we pledge to restore and rescue properties in all of the communities we serve at a fair price and timely manner.


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