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Exterior French Drain

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French Drain Installation

French Drain Cost per Foot

French drain installation cost per foot varies depending on the type of French drain. On a broad scale, expect to pay $10 to $100 per linear foot.

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The table below breaks down French drain cost per foot by the type (and thus location) of the drain:

French Drain TypeAverage Cost Range per Lin. Ft.
Interior French$40 – $100
Exterior perimeter$10 – $60
Curtain drain$10 – $30
Trench or yard drain$10 – $40
Cost Of Interior French Drain Call (859)302-2702 For Specific Pricing

Interior French Drain Cost

Foundation water seepage has been a problem since homes were first built with underground basements. Express Waterproofing has many solutions.

Any professional waterproofing effort is going to be an investment; however, it is true that installing an exterior French Drain is one of the most extensive and expensive repairs used to address basement waterproofing.

Sometimes an exterior French drain is either preferred or necessary to correct a specific problem. But other, less expensive and less invasive methods should be considered as appropriate solutions to your basement leak problem. These include:

Interior French Drains Exterior And Interior Waterproofing in Pikeville and Sump Pumps are a proven waterproofing solution that can not only be installed quickly and affordably, but even in bad weather or the dead of winter.

You may also need Parging and Wall Sealing services. If your walls are decaying or crumbling, then a huge project to seal the outside of the foundation may not be the best place to start.

Is the problem exterior water intrusion, or a failed drainage system? D-Bug Waterproofing is experienced in Floor Drain and Sewer Line Problems.

Your best bet is to call on the experts at Express Waterproofing to inspect your basement and foundation damage and recommend the best solution for your specific needs. We’re ready to help. Give us a call at (859)3020-2702

Exterior French Drain

Exterior Waterproofing in Winchester

In need of exterior waterproofing in Winchester? Our exterior waterproofing specialists are ready to help.

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Exterior French Drain

You’re one step away from connecting with a specialist who can complete your Exterior french drain Waterproofing project. If we can’t help you directly, we’ll match you with a trusted partner who can.

Interior French Drains

To install an interior French drain, a waterproofing contractor cuts a channel into your basement slab around its perimeter to insall the interior french drain. The contractor excavates the ground below the channel, installs perforated drain pipe and a sump pump well, and fills the trench with drainage gravel. The slab is patched with fresh concrete

French Drain

French drain[1] or weeping tile (also trench drainfilter drainblind drain,[1] rubble drain,[1] rock drain,[1] drain tileperimeter drainland drainFrench ditchsub-surface drainsub-soil drain, or agricultural drain) is a trench filled with gravel or rock, or both, containing a perforated pipe that redirects surface water and groundwater away from an area.

French drains are primarily used to prevent ground water and surface water from penetrating or damaging building foundations and as an alternative to open ditches or storm sewers for streets and highways. Alternatively, French drains may be used to distribute water, such as a septic drain field at the outlet of a typical septic tank sewage treatment system. French drains are also used behind retaining walls to relieve ground water pressure.

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