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How Do Professionals Get Rid Of Mold?

I hope this guides helps just one person from the flooding in Eastern Kentucky, I was born and raised in those mountains. My mom was one of the people that lost everything, below is a picture of where my mom lived. If anyone reading this has any questions or better explanation just shoot me an email @ info@edr1.org and I’ll try my best to walk you through if your D.I.Y

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How do professionals get rid of mold? Don’t be fooled there is no treatment for mold! The only way to get rid of any mold growth is through source removal. The following guide will walk you through it.

Mold is ubiquitous, it’s spores are in every home, building, or office. Mold spores are everywhere, it’s when they find conditions to colonize that mold becomes the problem. Once colonized they perform what’s called sporulation, in which the spores produced from the colony’s get aerosolized to find other areas of favorable conditions.

Mold removal company removing molded drywall on a mold remediation project in Lexington, Kentucky
Mold Removal Company Performing Mold Remediation

When excess moisture finds its way into your home, that’s when molds are ready to strike. In some cases building materials don’t even have to be wet, as far as moisture content goes. What we find causing the worst case mold damage to homes or businesses is secondary hygroscopic damage.

Optimal Indoor Humidity Is 45-55%P. Mold Can Colonize 60% And Above.

That is when the indoor environment of your home reaches 60% ir above. Normal indoor R.H or (relative humidity) is between 45-55%. Once your home reaches 60% and above hygroscopic materials will readily absorb moisture. In other words your house may as well be flooded! Drywall doesn’t even have to be wet for mold to grow on it, the moisture in the air or atmosphere is high enough for the spores to germinate, colonize then sporulate.

Before & After Photos Of Our Mold Remediation Projects

Mold Prevention Tips

  • Always Run Exhaust Fan In Bathrooms While Taking Shower
  • Make Sure Your Crawlspace Has A Vapor Barrier
  • Make Sure All Doors To The Outside Remains Closed At All Times
  • Make Sure Doors And Windows Are Sealed Properly With Weather Stripping
  • Any Water Intrusion Or Water Damage Must be Mitigated And Dried Out
  • Keep Ceiling Fans Cleaned
  • Store Items In Plastic Totes Instead Of Cardboard Boxes
Thermal Image From A Mold Inspection
Thermal Imaging For Mold Inspections

We sometimes use thermal cameras to find hidden water damage that we just can’t get to using moisture meters. There are three types or categories of water damage any of which can cause mold if not taken care of properly by a water damage restoration company such as Kentucky Mold Removal Company.

We Monitor Every Mold Remediation Project With State Of The Art Instruments And Equipment
  • Category 1 Water Damage (‘Fresh’ Water): The water comes from sanitary, potable sources fit for human use and consumption. These sources may include compromised sprinkler systems, damaged supply lines, rain, and meltwater.
  • Category 2 Water Damage (‘Gray’ Water): The second category refers to sources with significant contamination of biological and chemical matter, which can potentially cause discomfort and sickness.
  • Category 3 Water Damage (‘Black’ Water): Lastly, this water damage category is characterized by unacceptable, grossly contaminated water containing toxigenic and pathogenic agents.
Mold removal tips infographic
Mold Removal Tips

Basically, these categories determine how contaminated the water damage is. Separating them into categories make for a better sewage cleanup, flood damage repair, and water mitigation.

Mold damaged insulation from flood damage
Mold Damaged Insulation

Water damage that is not took care of will almost always lead to mold damage. You want to make sure your R.H stays between 45-55% in your home. If you ever have water damage, the studs will need to be dried below 16% moisture content, above 16% will support microbial growth. As long as the water is from a supply line and the drying process begins within 24 hrs, you can dry the water damaged drywall in place. Treat the drywall with Benefect Decon 30, a plant based fungicide and you should be alright.

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