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How to file an insurance claim for water damage mitigation

Filing an insurance claim for water damage mitigation

Water damaged basement
Thermal Image Of Water Damage

The last thing someone wants to do around 3:00 am is wake up to a flooded bathroom or basement. You try to get your bearings on what just happened, trying not to slip and fall in the deluge that has just over taken your home. It comes over you just how big this undertaking is going to be, not to mention monetarily. You have insurance but don’t know where to start?

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Water Damage Cleanup In Lexington, Kentucky

Start by calling a certified water damage mitigation service such as Express Damage Restoration located in Lexington, Kentucky. Try to remove any valuables that have been water damaged, while wearing gloves and proper ppe.

Next you’ll want to notify your insurance carrier that you need to file a claim for water damage mitigation. Some insurance companies have a centralized online claim center that you can file with on the weekends or night.

Moreover your insurance company will ask for photos of the water damage. This is where the water damage restoration company can assist you. Most water restoration companies use photo documentation software to document the water damage repair services they provide.

Ask the water restoration company for a link or digital copy of the images pertaining to your water damage claim, our company usually handles the claims process for our clients if they want, some clients choose to do so on their own. We highly recommend letting your water damage mitigation company handle the claims process, as long as they are certified.

Our claims specialists are second to none, they will maximize your claim and make sure you are getting every penny you need to get back to pre-loss condition. All claims specialists are certified in Xactimate, the software used to adjust every water damage mitigation or fire damage mitigation insurance claim.

Furthermore, your insurance company will assign a claim number for your water damage mitigation claim. You may want to keep a copy of it in your notes, so that you can access it easily, because you will be needing it frequently when contacting your carrier.

Your insurance carrier will ask you for your claim number each time you call them to be able to pull your file. Our recommended method of contact due to easily being able to save all the communications with the carrier is through email.

If you want to communicate with your carrier through email, you’ll need to copy and paste your claim number in the subject line. Most carriers have a centralized email system that routes emails to the adjuster assigned to the claim through the claim number referenced in the subject line.

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